Payment methods

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Payment is at the "Snowy Owl" you can in several ways:
• cash,
• credit cards,
• non-cash transfer.
When a bank transfer payment should go to the account of the hotel, not later than one day prior to arrival. If the payment is made, and the payment is not received within a specified time, you must send a copy of payment via telephone or electronic communication. If payment is not made by wire transfer, by written agreement of the parties, it is possible to change the form of payment in cash, otherwise the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation and / or refuse to guest arrival.
If the application is canceled (changed) in accordance with the Rules of reservation at the "Snowy Owl", a refund is made after a written request of the withdrawal of funds.
Reporting documents
If you pay for the hotel include a non-cash bank transfer invoice and certificate of completion. These documents are sent to the mail address of the organization or the guest.
For invoices living as a representative of a legal entity, it is necessary in advance of the date of payment in cash, to warn the administrator of the hotel. The invoice is issued on the basis of details provided by the organization.
If you pay by cash or credit cards issued by check and cash.";s:4:"TYPE";s:4:"html";}

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