National park "Stolby"

Заповедник Столбы
"Pillars" - a visiting card of Krasnoyarsk. This is quite extraordinary in its beauty of the place. For nearly 100 years the unique Siberian nature and bizarre rocks beckon visitors with the beauty of Krasnoyarsk, arrived from different corners of the planet.
Every week, thousands of people visit the reserve with a view to spend time with their friends and family in the countryside. Some people prefer a more active vacation and decides to go climbing and someone just walking and admiring nature. "Pillars" - is Russia's only reserve created on the initiative of the population to preserve the picturesque corner of the barbaric felling and extraction of natural stone.

      The name of the "pillars" were not accidental. The main attraction of the territory of Sayan spurs steel syenite rocks, at the behest of the nature assumed the form of gigantic giants to discern the outlines of people, animals and mythological creatures, a unique structure and moves manhole. Visiting columns you can see rocks with the names of "Father", "Elephant", "feathers", "farm" and many others. Over the years, on the pillars there was a sociocultural phenomenon called stolbizm. Under stolbizmom understood social movement, characterized by rock climbing and chat in an informal setting in nature.

      Reserve is working closely with the City and the region. On the territory of tourist-excursion area (TER) held mass sports activities included in the regional and city programs: "Start all" (one of the routes takes place year-round in the territory TER reserve), the Festival of climbing (in the framework of a city holiday "Day Stolbista") sports competitions at various levels (for mountaineering, rock climbing, caving, multisport, orienteering, mountaineering).

The reserve is developing every year. Since 2013, for a fee, tourists can stay in the houses of scientific and educational complex "Narym." The lodge is at the cordon Narym. Also nearby tent camp, which is designed for approximately 70 visitors. Make new flooring (pallets) for tents, transitions, a summer kitchen and a specially equipped gazebo for a fire.

Anyone can book a tour of the "post" or stay in cabins and tent city, a memorable holiday for everyone!

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