Krasnoyarsk HPP

Красноярская ГЭС

Krasnoyarsk HPP   — hydroelectric power station on   the Yenisei in   27   km   south of the   Krasnoyarsk, near the city of Divnogorsk. Dam forms a major Krasnoyarsk reservoir. The area of ​​the reservoir about 2,000   km & sup2 ;, complete and   and the useful volume of 73.3   30,4   km & sup3; respectively. The reservoir was flooded 120   thousand. n   of agricultural land in the   during the construction was postponed 13750   structures.

The construction of hydroelectric power station started in   1956   continued 16   years. The first unit was launched 3   November 1967   years. The   is now the 9th of   the power among the existing hydro power plants in the   the world, and   second   power (after the Sayano-Shushenskaya) among current Russian hydroelectric power plants. Included in the   Yenisei HPP cascade.

From   the interesting facts may be noted that the image of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station located on the   the reverse side of banknotes of denomination of 10   rubles of 1997   years. 85  % of electricity consumption Krasnoyarsk HPP Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant (RUSAL). The remainder of the electricity supplied to the   the power system of Siberia.

If you have   never   observed water discharge from the   hydroelectric power, the   You   must visit Krasnoyarsk HPP and   to admire this spectacular sight!

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