Fun park "Bobroviy Log"

Фанпарк «Бобровый Лог»

Funpark &​​nbsp; — a unique multi-purpose playground not   only for recreation. Facilities of the complex modern music and   multimedia equipment allows for all sorts of events: the mass-entertainment, sports, family events, business meetings, press conferences, and   etc.

Funpark "Bobrovy Log" It covers an area of ​​over 80   ha. The complex is located in the   a   the beautiful places in the city of Krasnoyarsk, in the   River area Bazaikha and   on the border of   a nature reserve « Columns ».

« Bobrovy Log » works   the format of the ski resort in winter and   Parks and   entertainment in the summer and   to   offseason. Ski slopes meet all international requirements and   standards. Newbie and   a professional will find themselves on the track   the soul. If   You   you want to get on   ski in   first time,   to   offers highly qualified trainers to help you learn the basics of downhill skiing just a   a few days.

The   July 2007   g. in   format & laquo; Parks and   entertainment   the elements year-round program » objects were introduced: the show center « Mirage » with   an outdoor swimming pool, extreme attractions « » ;, Rodelban's largest   Russia outdoor climbing wall. The   July 2008   g. complex infrastructure facilities complement the new season size open-air: « Alley Vacation » Picnic, attractions « Ziprayder » and   « Altitude Town » ;, Bar « TURBO » in   entertainment center « Mirage ».

Funpark &​​laquo; Bobrovy Log » became citizens of Krasnoyarsk and   reviews of Krasnoyarsk Krai favorite family holiday destination and   entertainment   any time of year.

For   hours Funpark &​​laquo; Bobrovy Log » on   the right was the pride of not   only the city, but   and   the edges. It hosts a variety of regional competitions and   federal levels. Visit the fun park is included in the   informal program of the visit the guests edges   — Representatives of government, business, well-known artists.

Ski season on the   Complex lasts 6   months. The   Fanpark uses modern automated snowmaking system TechnoAlpin, through which a steady snow cover on   the slopes is guaranteed with   November   April. With   using specialized groomers equipment (snowmobiles) and spread with artificial snow   compacted, making the surface smooth trails.

The   winter on   the territory of the fun park for skiers and   snowboarders are 14   the ski slopes of different difficulty levels (simple, complex, very complex), with a total length of 10   km   height difference to the   350m, one training slope for beginners. The two main slope with   routes equipped with cable-quadruple chairlifts Austrian company « Dopelmayer » (K-1 and   K-2). In addition to the   multiple routes are installed double rope and   tow lifts. The slope K-2 is equipped with sports coverage, by which time fun park in   the winter period is extended to the   22: 00.

7   fanpark routes have been certified to   compliance with international standards set by the International Ski Federation. Every year,   the slopes of the complex competitions in   sports regional ski and   federal levels.

The summer program   Fanpark presented with   June   September and   includes   yourself:

  • Outdoor   beach area;
  • Guided climbs on   the observation deck;
  • Unique extreme rides;
  • « Alley Vacation »   — complex log picnic pavilions;
  • Hiking in the   accompanied by guides on   the forest reserve « Columns » on   the lookout K-1 to   central « pillars »;
  • Playground.
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