Astafiev memorial complex

Мемориальный комплекс В.П. Астафьева

Memorial VP Astafieva opened 1 May 2004 g. The It includes the house-museum V. P. Astafieva (2002) and story Museum & laquo; Last Bow & raquo; (2004).

Where no matter he lived with Viktor his family, he loved coming in native oatmeal and long, painfully decides to return to their homeland forever. The the late 1970s is the desire to win, and he returned to the his native village in the 1980 g., To never to leave the sweet land of childhood. Astafjevs bought rotting hut (at street Schetinkina, 26) at the Basil Yushkova: & laquo; I bought a wreck in the an alley of my childhood, against the grandmother's house, in the which in the time lived is one of my aunts APRAKSIN Ilinichna & raquo; . House helped restore Alyosha Devyatkin, & laquo; deaf bratelnik & raquo ;. The This rustic lodge visited M. Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, V. Putin, Solzhenitsyn, N. Mikhalkov, Kurbatov and other famous people.

The that also in 1980 g. Viktor gets an apartment in the Akademgorodok Krasnoyarsk. But all summer he lives in oatmeal, planting trees, turning the garden into a the forest grows flowers, oven heats, cooks, hosts, and working, working, working. Here he wrote his best works: & laquo; Sad Detective & raquo; (1987), & laquo; sighted staff & raquo; (1988), & laquo; Cursed and killed & raquo; (1993-1994), & laquo; So you want to live & raquo; (1995). Last Viktor came to oatmeal March 2001 g.

1 December 2001 g. I said goodbye to the world VP. Astafev. House of the will of the writer was transferred to the Krasnoyarsk regional museum of local lore and opened in anniversary of the death of Victor Petrovich 29 November 2002 g. Preserved the genuine atmosphere and personal belongings.

When the idea museumification grandmother's house, the it turned out that the old house restoration is not subject. It was decided to demolish it and to rebuild the typical homestead of 1920-1930. Through the efforts of architects, historians, on the to eyewitnesses, on the book Victor Petrovich & laquo; Last Bow & raquo; the estate was reduced to the smallest details. Such manor resembles a fortress: high log cabin, barn; fence encloses a closed yard deep, on the perimeter of the premises which were built for cattle and hayloft sheds for firewood carts, cellar and facility. The grand opening of the museum story & laquo; Last Bow & raquo; held on 1 May 2004 g., in 80-year anniversary of the writer. The lightest of his book & mdash; & laquo; Last Bow & raquo; & mdash; almost entirely devoted to memories of childhood. Astafjevs wrote the story for over thirty years, she and remains his favorite child.

1 May 2014 we have opened two more buildings. The They placed the exhibition, and auditoriums with a platform for performances, the play area, and well as a relaxation area with gazebos. In addition, the museum has been updated. Anyone can become familiar with correspondence with the writer readers and literary critics, and also a collection of documents and photos Victor Astafieva.

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