Tatyshev Park


Tatyshev Island Park - an area free from bad habits and exposure to vapors and by-products of gasoline. Even the electricity produced in this place with the help of solar panels - the most environmentally friendly type of energy.

The natural architecture of the park is preserved as much as possible. At the heart of nature, you will be able to play sports with benefit and pleasure. He works all the year round.

In the summer of paved walking paths of the park, you can ride a bicycle, roller skates, scooters. It also organized a platform for team sports: tennis, volleyball, football and others. Lovers of speed and drive will appreciate the presence kartodroma sector, and increase the amount of adrenaline in the blood will visit sites for extreme forms of recreation.

In winter, ski rental and skates, organized a large ice rink for 10 000 sq m with festive lights. Equipped and hockey box, where you can try yourself in the game, the most powerful and persistent, and enjoy this breathtaking spectacle from the stands.

Tatyshev park is often the venue for the grand sports, and not just the activities, number of participants reaches tens of thousands.

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