Chapel Paraskeva

Часовня Параскевы Пятницы

This monument of architecture and history became a symbol of Krasnoyarsk. Chapel is across the river Kacha at top of Guard mountain. Previously, there was a pagan temple Tatars Kachin. Then Cossacks established watchtower warned residents of enemy raids. In 1805 on this place the merchant Novikov cut down and decorated with wooden chapel in memory of the happy salvation of whirlpool rapids.

According to another version, Krasnoyarsk built a chapel in honor of the ancestors of deliverance from enemies. Over time, the building decayed. In July 1852, Bishop Athanasius of Tomsk Krasnoyarsk City Council resolved to build a stone chapel. It was erected in 1852-1855 by the architect and Ya.Alfeev Ya.Nabalov by the famous gold-and patron of Krasnoyarsk Pyotr Kuznetsov.

At the site of the chapel often he worked on his sketches famous artist Vasily Surikov. In August 1887 the great Russian scientist, inventor of radio Alexander Popov there watching a solar eclipse. In memory of this on the east facade of the chapel in 1977, it was a granite plaque.

Today, the chapel became a favorite place of pilgrimage for residents and visitors alike. There are hundreds hurry brides and grooms to confess his love to each other and to native Krasnoyarsk. This symbol of the city is decorated with a ten-dollar bill of the new Russia.

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