Yenisei embankment

Набережная Енисея

Krasnoyarsk promenade located on the right bank of the great and mighty Yenisei River. She called street Dubrovinskogo. The pedestrian street is easily accessible - almost all the roads leading to the city of her.

Landscaping the waterfront in Krasnoyarsk began in the Soviet era. Before that, she served as the main and only function berth. To shore molested passenger and cargo ships. Ramps for the descent to the ground were the most common wood. In case of bad weather it is difficult to come out clean.

In the form in which we are seeing now, the promenade has become in 60 years. Pedestrian street immediately became a favorite place for meetings, appointments dates, normal walks in the shade of trees. By possessed all conditions: benches, boxes, booths with refreshments and the media, and more.

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